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If your child has lost a primary tooth prematurely, you may need to consider space maintainers for them to avoid future orthodontic issues. We offer different types of space maintainers in Leander, TX, depending on your child’s needs and preferences. These devices help retain the space for the proper growth and eruption of permanent teeth. Our expert orthodontist, Dr. Ash, will evaluate your child’s teeth and recommend the best solution for them. We will ensure that your kid feels comfortable during their visits and enjoy the treatment process! Call us today to schedule an appointment at Leander Orthodontics.

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    Space Maintainers

    An Insight into Space Maintainers and Their Function

    When a child’s baby tooth falls ahead of time, parents start panicking about what to do. Our dental experts have years of experience, and they might recommend space maintainers to prevent orthodontic concerns. Space maintainers are small appliances that preserve the gap for a permanent tooth. Typically, baby teeth fall in a gradual pattern that allows enough time for the correct eruption of their permanent successors. But if your child suffers from tooth decay or an oral injury, their baby teeth may fall out sooner than expected.

    The gap left by the primary teeth may shrink over time, leading to teeth misalignment in the future. For this reason, our Leander, TX, dentists recommend space maintainers to keep the gap open. This way, the permanent teeth can grow in their correct position when it’s the right time.

    Questions About Space Maintainers ?

    We Offer Different Types of Space Maintainers

    After performing an orthodontic evaluation, we will decide which type of space maintainer will work best for your child. Typically, they are of three types: 

    • Fixed Unilateral: This type is beneficial if your kid has lost only one tooth on one of the sides. It consists of a metal band that fits around an adjacent tooth and a wire loop that extends across the gap. A common example of this type is the band and loop space maintainer.
    • Fixed Bilateral: This type works if your child has lost two or more teeth on both sides of the mouth. It consists of metal bands that fit around the teeth on either side of the gap and wires that connect them across the arch. A common example of this type is the lower lingual holding arch. 
    • Removable: These maintainers consist of an acrylic base that fits over the roof or floor of the mouth and artificial teeth that fill in the gaps. They may also have clasps that attach to the adjacent teeth for stability. A common example of this type is the flipper.

    How To Look After Space Maintainers

    After applying the space maintainers in your child’s mouth, our Leander, TX, orthodontists will provide care instructions to ensure effective results. Our instructions might include:

    • Brush and floss your child’s teeth twice a day, paying special attention to the area around the space maintainer.
    • Avoid sticky or hard foods, such as bubblegum and caramel candies that can damage or dislodge the space maintainer.
    • Avoid biting on inedible objects such as pencils or bottle caps. 
    • Instruct your child not to tug, push, or play with the space maintainer with their fingers or tongue.
    • Visit our dental clinic for regular check-ups and adjustments. We will also monitor the treatment progress. 
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    Losing baby teeth at an early stage can have significant consequences, but we can prevent them with the help of our space maintainers in Leander, TX. If you are interested in our orthodontic services, contact us at (512) 260-5300 to schedule an appointment. Leander Orthodontics looks forward to helping you and your child achieve a healthy smile!

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