Removable Retainers in Leander, TX

Retaining your beautiful smile as soon as your braces come off is a crucial part of the entire orthodontic treatment. Your teeth have a natural tendency to shift back to their original state, undoing all the hard work. That is where fixed and removable retainers in Leander, TX, come into play. Their function is to ensure that your teeth stay in their newly aligned positions. The standard wear time is about 4 to 6 months, although your actual duration can vary. Our removable retainers are super convenient – you can pop them off when it is time to eat or clean your teeth. If you need a new retainer or to replace your old one, do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Ash at Leander Orthodontics today.

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    Removable Retainers

    Types of Removable Retainers We Offer

    After the completion of braces treatment, we provide removable retainers in Leander, TX, to wear for the recommended time period. In general, removable retainers have two types.

    Clear Plastic Retainers

    Our clear plastic retainers are resilient and made from medical-grade transparent plastic material custom-designed to fit your teeth. While they resemble clear aligners, their main purpose is to secure your teeth in their new positions. The best part about these retainers is their invisibility, making them the most sought-after choice.

    Hawley Retainers

    Another great option is the Hawley retainer. This retainer is basically a metal wire barbed along your teeth’s surface with an acrylic base for added stability. The wire runs smoothly across your front teeth. While they are easy to wear and can be adjusted as needed, some patients may not prefer them due to less appealing aesthetics.

    Questions About Removable Retainers ?

    Why You Should Opt for Removable Retainers

    Simplicity and convenience are the main charms of removable retainers in Leander, TX. Here’s why most patients prefer them over fixed retainers: Getting a fresh new set of removable retainers is quite easy and requires just a single visit. Say goodbye to all the fuss and hassle. With their ability to detach from teeth, these retainers are effortlessly worn on and off your teeth. So, enjoy your meals without any hindrance, and brush your teeth just the way you like.

    These retainers provide accurate retention for a long time, maintaining your smile for years to come. However, like all good things, there are a few disadvantages. For instance, you can easily lose removable retainers. It is often seen that wearers forget to put them back on after eating or brushing, increasing the chance of misplacing them.

    I've tried other places for straight teeth, but I've never had regrets about switching to here! Wonderful service, nothing but quality and professionalism. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I've never been happier with my smile!

    Ava Autry

    Amazing experience with Dr Ash and her new staff members. Dr Ash is very personable and took the time to answer all our questions. My daughter got her braces removed yesterday and we are super excited to see the results.

    Lavanya Koppaka

    All of the staff at Leander Orthodontics is wonderful! Dr. Ash goes above and beyond for her patients and has even called us at home herself to answer questions about my son's care.

    Joe Lundeen

    Dr. Ash is an awesome person and orthodontist! Her staff and her are ALWAYS so helpful! We've been nothing but enamored with their service from start to finish!

    Amy Lambert

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    Our dental team at Leander Orthodontics is ready to help you attain a healthy smile that stays perfect for life. So, we offer you removable retainers in Leander, TX, to eliminate the risk of relapse after braces. Call us at (512) 260-5300 to schedule an appointment.

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