How To Floss With A Permanent Retainer

It might be tempting to skip your flossing routine to minimize the extra effort required due to your permanent retainers. You already took the pain of flossing with your braces on. You don’t want to do it again. However, it is easier than you think if you have the right tricks. Let’s discuss

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    Can You Floss Normally with a Permanent Retainer?

    Yes, you can thread between your teeth and floss just like you usually do. The only difference you might feel will be the wire between teeth. But it will not meddle with your routine process. Keep your hand steady and gently rub it against the wire to clean it. Continue the practice until your whole mouth is clean.

    Questions About How To Floss With A Permanent Retainer ?

    Flossing with a Permanent Retainer

    Flossing saves you from dental cleansings by removing bacteria from your teeth before it hardens and turns into tar. But with permanent retainers, you might find it daunting. Following are some tips to help:

    1. Slide Method
      A floss threader resembles a large sewing needle, which lets you pass the floss beneath and around your retainer’s wire effortlessly.
      • You can pull out an arm-length piece of thread. Pass it through the opening of the threader.
      • Insert the threader tip beneath your retainer’s wire and pull it between your teeth. Your floss thread is now exactly where it is supposed to be.
      • Release the floss from the threader and continue flossing. Use gentle motions up and down and circularly around the gum line.
      • If your retainer is attached to every tooth, keep re-threading to continue.
    2. Behind the Teeth Method
      A floss threader is convenient, but if your permanent retainer is attached to only two teeth. You can floss just like you normally do. This method is similar to the one described above. The only point that differs is:
      • Starting from the end of your thread strand, pass the floss around two bottom front teeth so that the strand’s loose ends hang outside your mouth. This way, the floss will be above your retainer, and move your floss gently as you normally would.

    Useful Flossing Tools

    Besides the techniques, you can also use tools designed to help people with permanent retainers. These tools are:

    • Water flossers
    • Super Floss
    • Floss Threaders
    • Interdental Brushes

    You can use a water flosser and super floss together to simplify the job. These flossers release a heavy water stream to wash plaque away. The pressure and temperature of this water stream can be controlled as per your requirements.

    Super floss is like floss thread but has a thicker strand and a stiff, pointy end. It is useful to clean under bridges or permanent retainers.

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    Concluding Thoughts

    Having permanent retainers Is no excuse to skip an important step like flossing in your oral hygiene. You can try the techniques mentioned above and adopt whichever works for you. Now that you know how to floss with a permanent retainer? Are you close to getting your braces out and opting for permanent retainers?

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