How Soon Can I Get Braces After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Braces are a set of tiny architects working 24/7 to straighten out the dental chaos left behind by those troublesome wisdom teeth. It’s all part of the plan. With time, patience, and orthodontic magic, you get your desired smile makeover without wisdom teeth getting in the way.

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    Will I Need Braces After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

    Not everyone who gets their wisdom teeth removed will need braces, but it’s a possibility. The relationship between wisdom teeth and the need for braces varies from person to person. Following is a short breakdown explaining why your orthodontist might suggest braces:

    1. Crowding Issues:
      If your wisdom teeth were causing crowding or alignment problems before removal, your orthodontist might recommend braces to straighten things out post-extraction.
    2. Space Maintenance:
      Sometimes, wisdom teeth removal can create gaps in your teeth. Braces can be suggested to close these gaps and ensure your teeth stay properly aligned.
    3. Pre-existing Orthodontic Issues:
      If you already had braces or other orthodontic appliances before your wisdom teeth eruption, your orthodontist can continue with treatment to address any remaining alignment concerns.
    4. Individual Factors:
      Your unique dental situation and how your teeth respond to the removal of wisdom teeth will decide the requirement of braces. Some people’s teeth naturally settle back into place, while others can require intervention.

    Questions About How Soon Can I Get Braces After Wisdom Teeth Removal ?

    How Long Do You Have to Wait to Get Braces After Tooth Extraction?

    It is usually advised that you wait for 2 weeks to get braces after tooth extraction. However, the following are certain other factors that can fluctuate this duration:

    • Healing Period:
      After wisdom tooth extraction, it’s common to wait for a healing period before getting braces. This healing period typically lasts a few weeks to a few months. This waiting time allows the extraction sites to properly heal. During this time, your oral surgeon or dentist will monitor your recovery to ensure that it’s safe to proceed with orthodontic treatment.
    • Orthodontic Evaluation:
      Once the healing period is complete, you will have an orthodontic evaluation to determine the appropriate time to start braces. The orthodontist will assess your entire oral health, tooth alignment, and the impact of the wisdom teeth extraction on your bite.
    • Individual Variations:
      The specific timeline depends on individual variations, such as the complexity of the extraction, the number of teeth extracted, and your body’s healing response. Some people can be ready for braces sooner, while others can take longer.
    • Complete Treatment Plan:
      Your orthodontist will prepare a complete treatment plan that considers the extraction sites and any other orthodontic issues. The plan will outline when braces will be placed and the estimated duration of the treatment.
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    Concluding Thoughts

    We know you are eager to get your dental makeover right after you get rid of your wisdom teeth. However, your patience needs more patience. Your dentist can guide you about the waiting time and monitor your healing. So, you’re all covered.

    Ensure to choose a skilled orthodontist for your smile makeover via braces like Dr. Ash at Leander Orthodontics. Our orthodontist brings more than 10 years of practice to the table. Call us at (512) 260-5300 to book an appointment.

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