Functional Appliances

Is your kid or teen hesitant to show off their smile because of bite issues or misalignment of teeth? It can happen due to malocclusion that not only affects appearance but also causes functional difficulties. Worry not, because our orthodontists have an easy solution for you. We provide functional appliances at our facility in Leander, TX, that guide the alignment of teeth and correct jaw irregularities to give your child a perfect smile. Depending on the severity of malocclusion, our orthodontist, Dr. Ash, will form a personalized plan to address your child’s needs. Book a consultation at Leander Orthodontics today for top-notch orthodontic services!

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    Functional Appliances

    How Do Our Functional Appliances Work?

    Functional appliances are special orthodontic devices that utilize natural forces from facial muscles and bones to gradually correct the alignment of teeth and jaws. Our Leander, TX, orthodontists typically recommend functional appliances for kids and teens because their jaws are still growing and can adapt well to the new changes.

    When you bite, chew, or swallow while wearing a functional appliance, it uses your muscles to guide the positioning of your teeth and jaws. By wearing these appliances for a recommended period of time, your child can have a well-balanced occlusion and a flawless smile they can be proud of!

    Questions About Functional Appliances ?

    We Offer Different Types of Functional Appliances

    At our dental practice, we use different types of fixed and removable functional appliances for the residents of Leander. Our orthodontist will select the best one for your child based on the severity of malocclusion. Some common types include: 

    • Herbst: It is a fixed appliance that consists of metal rods and tubes that attach to the upper and lower molars. The rods push the lower jaw forward and prevent it from moving backward, improving your bite.
    • Forsus: Forsus appliances are commonly used in orthodontics to correct bite issues and align teeth for a confident and beautiful smile.

    Benefits of Functional Appliances

    Whether your child has dental or skeletal malocclusion, our Leander, TX, orthodontists can correct it using functional appliances. They offer many benefits, which include:

    • Enhances Facial Profile: A prominent benefit of functional appliances is that they improve your facial profile by reducing the prominence of your upper front teeth and bringing your lower jaw forward.
    • Improves Oral Health and Functions: They correct your bite, which improves oral health and functions, allowing you to eat and speak more comfortably.  
    • Prevents Oral Issues: They prevent many oral issues, such as tooth wear, gum recession, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.
    • No Need for Surgery: Thanks to functional appliances, you may no longer need tooth extractions or surgery since they create more space for your teeth and improve your jaw relationships.
    • Increases Self-Confidence: They enhance your self-confidence and self-esteem by giving you a more attractive smile.
    • Fast Results: You can notice visible results within 9 to 12 months of treatment. You will no longer have to deal with misaligned teeth!
    I've tried other places for straight teeth, but I've never had regrets about switching to here! Wonderful service, nothing but quality and professionalism. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I've never been happier with my smile!

    Ava Autry

    Amazing experience with Dr Ash and her new staff members. Dr Ash is very personable and took the time to answer all our questions. My daughter got her braces removed yesterday and we are super excited to see the results.

    Lavanya Koppaka

    All of the staff at Leander Orthodontics is wonderful! Dr. Ash goes above and beyond for her patients and has even called us at home herself to answer questions about my son's care.

    Joe Lundeen

    Dr. Ash is an awesome person and orthodontist! Her staff and her are ALWAYS so helpful! We've been nothing but enamored with their service from start to finish!

    Amy Lambert

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    Orthodontic issues can affect your child’s precious smile if they are left untreated. Getting early treatment with our functional appliances can greatly improve your kid’s oral health and appearance. Contact us today at (512) 260-5300 to schedule an appointment with our qualified orthodontists. Leander Orthodontics looks forward to helping you attain better oral health!

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