Expanders in Leander, TX

If you have a narrow jaw, it can lead to orthodontic issues, such as crowded, crooked, and overlapped teeth. Expanders are orthodontic appliances that help widen your jaw, creating more space in the mouth. Our orthodontist will place the expander on the roof of your mouth, and it will move both halves of your jawbone away from each other. As a result, expanders correct your bite so that your upper and lower teeth fit together properly.

Our orthodontic practice provides expanders in Leander, TX, as part of orthodontic treatments to correct the misalignment of teeth. Early intervention in the form of expanders can prevent you from invasive treatments in the future, such as tooth extractions and complex surgeries.

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    Why Does My Child Need An Expander

    Orthodontic issues can be of different types, and each requires a personalized treatment plan. Our orthodontist, Dr. Ash, may recommend expanders for your kid or teen if they have:

    Severe crowding: Having a narrow jaw or insufficient space in the mouth can result in overcrowded teeth. A palatal expander can widen the upper jaw to fit all teeth.

    Crossbite: A crossbite happens when some of the upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth, and a narrow jaw is a possible cause. We can address it early using a palatal expander!

    Impacted canines: In certain cases, the canines may remain impacted due to blockage or obstruction. By applying an expander, we ensure that there is enough room for all the teeth to erupt properly.

    Questions About Expanders ?

    Do Palatal Expanders Cause Discomfort?

    One of the most common questions we get from parents is if wearing a palatal expander will be painful for their child. A palatal expander functions by gradually applying pressure on the upper molars and the palatal junction to separate the two halves. During this process, some soreness is to be expected after every activation of the expanders. However, as you adapt to this appliance, the discomfort fades away over time.

    Our expert orthodontist, Dr. Ash, will provide detailed guidance and usage instructions to help your child have a smooth treatment duration. If there are any issues with the appliance, you can contact us immediately or visit our orthodontic practice. We are dedicated to providing comfortable and convenient expanders in Leander!

    I've tried other places for straight teeth, but I've never had regrets about switching to here! Wonderful service, nothing but quality and professionalism. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I've never been happier with my smile!

    Ava Autry

    Amazing experience with Dr Ash and her new staff members. Dr Ash is very personable and took the time to answer all our questions. My daughter got her braces removed yesterday and we are super excited to see the results.

    Lavanya Koppaka

    All of the staff at Leander Orthodontics is wonderful! Dr. Ash goes above and beyond for her patients and has even called us at home herself to answer questions about my son's care.

    Joe Lundeen

    Dr. Ash is an awesome person and orthodontist! Her staff and her are ALWAYS so helpful! We've been nothing but enamored with their service from start to finish!

    Amy Lambert

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