Can You Get Braces With A Bridge?

You can get a perfectly aligned and straight set of teeth after dental work, don’t let someone else tell you otherwise! Your dentist and orthodontist can collaborate and brainstorm a customized plan for your dental needs. But remember that braces paired with bridges require high maintenance regarding oral hygiene. So, you can consult your orthodontist to recommend high-efficiency cleaning tools and tips for optimal oral health.

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    Braces Over a Bridge

    Gone are the days when braces were required for teenagers and kids. Braces are now in demand by adults as well. Therefore, it won’t come to your orthodontist as a surprise if you ask for braces with a bridge.
    Putting braces on dental restoration is trickier than putting them on natural teeth; hence, to enjoy all the perks of having a straight set of teeth, you must consult our expert orthodontist, Dr. Ashwini Joshi (Dr. Ash) at Leander Orthodontics. She has more than 10 years of orthodontic experience working with simple and complicated cases of clear and metal braces.

    Questions About Can You Get Braces With A Bridge? ?

    Considerations for Braces with A Bridge

    Going for braces after a bridge can be complicated but not impossible. However, it will keep you away from complications if you take some considerations into account.

    • Notify your orthodontist about any dental work you have previously opted for. They will consider it before personalizing a treatment plan based on your needs.
    • Braces can make certain spots in your teeth hard to reach and clean. But oral hygiene is a must-have. Ask your orthodontist to educate you on proper cleaning techniques throughout the treatment.
    • Having an existing dental bridge can exceed your treatment duration than normal. You will require frequent modifications with the braces to prevent your bridges from bearing extra pressure.
    • You must ask and clear away any concerns or queries regarding your orthodontic treatment over an existing bridge. Doing so will open your mind to making sound decisions about the best plan for your oral health.

    Issues That May Arise During Treatment

    Some commonly found complications faced by patients during their braces treatment are:

    • No matter how careful your orthodontist is, the pressure put on your teeth due to the placement of braces can be minimized but not eliminated. Even with the most stable hands, your existing dental work will still be at risk of damage.
    • Braces can make it hard to clean around bridges, leading to gum diseases and decay. To prevent it, you need to be extremely vigilant with your cleaning routine.
    • It can be challenging for your orthodontist to attach brackets to bridges. They can use special bonding strategies to make it work.
    • Braces will change your bite pattern, which might cause your dental work to fit snuggly around your teeth. Consulting with your orthodontist can help you keep it well-fitted.
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    In a Nutshell

    We have a solution for nearly every dental problem, thanks to the advancements in dentistry. You can experience restorative and cosmetic dentistry going hand in hand when you get braces with a bridge.
    If you are also looking forward to achieving a million-dollar smile and flaunting it confidently, procrastinating is not an option. Our skilled orthodontist at Leander Orthodontics is! Dial (512) 260-5300 to contact.

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