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How Do Orthodontists Fix Over Crowded Teeth?

Feb 15, 202420 Views

In dental terms, overcrowded teeth happen when your jaw isn’t big enough to accommodate all the teeth properly. Some teeth might twist and turn, trying to find a spot to squeeze in, and that’s when things can get tragic.

Do Braces Cause Headaches

Jan 15, 202452 Views

Having straight teeth is exciting, but beauty often comes with pain. Not used to taking any strain, your teeth and gums suddenly have to bear the pressure caused by wires; it’s only natural for the body to protest in some way, such as recurring headaches.

Do Rubber Bands Move Your Jaw or Teeth

Dec 30, 202379 Views

There are various cases of Malocclusion, such as overbite, underbite, crossbite, and open bite. Not everyone is born with symmetrical jaws and teeth; genetics play a huge role. Rubber bands enter the picture during your orthodontic treatment after you’re done wearing braces for 4-6 months.

How To Floss With A Permanent Retainer

Dec 15, 202338 Views

It might be tempting to skip your flossing routine to minimize the extra effort required due to your permanent retainers. You already took the pain of flossing with your braces on. You don’t want to do it again.

Weighing The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Braces

Nov 30, 202374 Views

Almost every adult today remembers wearing or seeing other kids wearing those metal braces. People are in a love-hate relationship with braces. Some hate them, while some do not, as they focus on the results, which are straight teeth.

Can You Get Braces With A Bridge?

Nov 15, 202341 Views

You can get a perfectly aligned and straight set of teeth after dental work, don’t let someone else tell you otherwise! Your dentist and orthodontist can collaborate and brainstorm a customized plan for your dental needs.

Braces or Invisalign for Aligned Results

Oct 30, 202374 Views

Putting some effort into getting a straight smile is a great choice to enhance your appearance. You are left with only two treatment options, braces and aligners. They both differentiate from each other on various grounds.

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